Our Strengths

Our technical strengths. We have been working in Perl from 1995. Our seniormost engineers were members of the team that built IndiaWorld, India's oldest and most well-known Web portal, in 1995. In that year, we had built online credit-card billing systems using Cybercash, long before the dot-com boom. We are in the draft stages of writing three Linux HOWTO documents, which will form part of the body of ``official'' Linux documents. In the area of Oracle database systems, we have five engineers who are on OCP track, building expertise in database configuration, management, administration and performance tuning.

Our project management strengths. We have an internally designed project management process that has proved to be effective. At the heard of this process is the Task Control Process which is an intrinsic part of every task that every engineer undertakes, and which includes a written action plan (AP) and verification plan (VP). For large application projects, the work break-down structure decomposes into a number of interconnected tasks. Our control process is very lean and ensures documentation before commencement, peer review before completion, and day-by-day monitoring of work in progress.

Our objectivity. We are a pure services organisation, and we do not resell any hardware, software or service. This allows us to recommend technologies and components purely based on their appropriateness for our clients.

Open standards. We are strong proponents of open systems. Wherever applicable, we build solutions using freely redistributable software, which is provided free of cost to our clients. We always orient our solutions towards using systems, software, and network protocols that are standard and non-proprietary, rather than single-vendor solutions.

Simplicity. We have seen clients who have been persuaded to invest in a large RISC-based Unix server when a PC running Linux would have sufficed. We have seen clients attempting to use relational database engines where simple text files would have done for data storage. This is a comment on a market which uses vendors as unpaid consultants and isn't sufficiently well-informed to know its own true requirements. We try to correct these misconceptions whenever we find them.

Our Engineering strengths. Good engineering is an inseparable part of our culture. Our solutions are built on the concept of good engineering design principles using minimal resources, and aimed at robustness, scalability, extensibility and economy over long term business horizons.

Our people. Needless to say our main strength is our people. They are whatever we claim starcom is. The combined strength of our people derives from their wealth and breadth of experience, the commonality of the culture that engenders engineering excellence and shared vision.

The name of Starcom Software Pvt Ltd has been changed to Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd, through the Ministry of Companies, Government of India, vide notification dated 22 Nov 2007. This Website is now defunct and maintained purely for placeholder reasons. The new company Website is

In the last few years, the company has grown and changed dramatically. But our core values and culture, our Board of Directors and top management have remained the same.


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