Our Services

starcom is a pure technical services organisation with a focus on the overseas market. Our services include:

Network infrastructure setup. We study a corporate client's information management requirements, and design a wide area network for them using technologies which are most cost-effective for their requirements. We then set up the equipment to activate the network, and set up servers to offer network services they need, \eg email, Usenet news, Intranet Website, etc.

Our services are distinct from those of hardware systems integrators, because of our extensive software and OS skills and knowledge of setting up network services, e.g. Sendmail configuration, Apache performance tuning, etc. Also, unlike hardware firms, we do not have brand biases in hardware selection.

Web infrastructure setup. We set up Web server infrastructure for customised applications or for general high-visibility Web portals. We understand sizing, scalability, high availability and security issues, and our server farm architectures are among the most cost-effective for our clients' requirements.

We build solutions using all flavours of Unix, including Linux and FreeBSD. Most of our Web server solutions use Apache. Our engineers have been building solutions using Linux since 1995.

Web application development. We have experience in building large Web applications which execute on Unix/Linux servers. These applications have HTML front-ends and connect to databases. We have special expertise with Oracle and MySQL database systems. Most of these applications are written in Perl (CGI, mod_perl) with DBI interfaces to databases. Some applications have been developed using server-side Java and application servers.

Our Web applications have included an online test administration system for examinees, which has been working off a server in Mumbai with desktops distributed all over India, since mid-1997. For another client, we built a live data display system to display graphical data on an Internet Website for the impact cost of index trading on the stock market. We have built an online retailing system for B2C e-commerce for with full back-office integration and MIS reporting. Our securities positions display service,, built for the National Securities Depository Limited, is heavily used.

Network management. We manage wide area network infrastructure for enterprises. We have our own tools which assist in automatic monitoring of network and server parameters, giving us exception reporting and data logging into an RDB for analysis. We can define system behaviour levels and compare actual data against limits using our tools.

One of our clients is major software house in India, with five offices in three continents catering to 2,500+ employees. One engineer from \starcom monitors and manages 22 servers and five Internet gateways across the worldwide network, using our network monitoring tools.As extensions to network management, we undertake security audits and network audits for enterprise networks.

The name of Starcom Software Pvt Ltd has been changed to Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd, through the Ministry of Companies, Government of India, vide notification dated 22 Nov 2007. This Website is now defunct and maintained purely for placeholder reasons. The new company Website is

In the last few years, the company has grown and changed dramatically. But our core values and culture, our Board of Directors and top management have remained the same.


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