Our Guiding Philosophy

starcom has been incorporated with the aim of providing technical services in the areas of networking, internet technology and web-based solutions. At starcom, we believe that our most valuable offering is the way we approach our clients' requirements. This approach that is steeped in our two-fold commitment to our clients and to good engineering sense.

These commitments are difficult to state - because overzealous marketing has too often diluted and profaned the ideas behind the words used. But we attempt to capture some of these commitments in the words below:

We build solutions on technologies we are confident about rather than the technological fashions and trends of the day. We take this approach even when we have more expertise in the subtleties of trendy technologies than other software companies. Thereby we believe we do our clients a service.

We are willing to go to great depths, to dig below the surface manifestations of the problem to go to its roots. We investigate the causal factors, trace the permutation paths of data, even go to the OS kernel code if necessary.We believe in our ability to find the source of the problem far more than other companies do.

We have yardsticks for what makes a good solution. We believe that the difference between 'good' and 'bad' is not between things that work and things that don't work, but the difference between good engineering and poor engineering in the things that work. They both work; but poorly engineered solutions have higher life-cycle costs. Worse still, they destroy the client's peace of mind, and often the client's business. Our consuming passion is for good engineering. And we believe this is sound business sense.

We are travellers of a way, a path, an approach. A way in which we build small, simple tools, each of which does one small thing and does it well. This is a way of looking at a problem and decomposing our perception of the problem and the solution into a set of common simple components. It has been called the Unix way. It has been called the object methodology. We have been there. We are veterans of the way. The solutions we build are solid because we use fundamentally solid, well-proven building blocks.

Unlike most IT services companies we take responsibility for the solutions we build. We undertake to solve problems, not to take tasks. We are house builders, not bricklayers. We stand by the solutions we build and stand by the system after it goes into production.

In short we want to tell our clients that we are confident about the solutions we build, that we don't want to minimise our risk exposure. We are there, not just building, but guaranteeing what we build in a sense that most IT companies do not, and cannot, do. We can afford to take large risks with technology, ride the crest of the stormfront, our only protection being our intimacy with our tools and our ability to understand them. And build what others most often dare not.

The name of Starcom Software Pvt Ltd has been changed to Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd, through the Ministry of Companies, Government of India, vide notification dated 22 Nov 2007. This Website is now defunct and maintained purely for placeholder reasons. The new company Website is

In the last few years, the company has grown and changed dramatically. But our core values and culture, our Board of Directors and top management have remained the same.


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