Our Clients

Our biggest testimonial is our clients, who are among the business elite of India. They range in size from companies with a turnover exceeding $ 1000 million, to small firms with a turnover less than $ 1 million. Some of the clients for whom we have done interesting projects are:

The National Stock Exchange of India. One of the world's largest stock exchanges and based in Mumbai, the NSE has been our client for many years. We have built an online test administration system for them with a Web-based interface. We have also build an online real-time fault-tolerant cluster-computing solution for the NSE to recalculate risk exposure using Value-at-Risk algorithm for their futures and options trading system. This system is unique in the world, and provides super-computer performance by using a cluster of Intel computers running Linux on an MPI backbone.

Mahindra British Telecom Limited. We undertook a project to restructure their network services in 1998. Since then, we have been working on managing their network and introducing new services. Their internal email and Web access infrastructure has grown from 850 users to 2,500 users in this period. Their entire network services infrastructure works on Linux servers. High availability is provided by automatic replication to backup servers, with manual failover.

SPEED for NSDL. The National Securities Depository Limited needed to display securities positions on the Web, for their Clearing Members (stockbrokers). We built a system for them, which works on Linux servers on the Internet, at We built a replication scheme by which each online server is replicated on a backup servers, providing simple high availability with manual failover.

In addition to the clients listed here, we have other large industrial giants in our list of clientele. But the confidential nature of our relationships with them prevents us from giving out details about the clients and the work we have done for them in a public forum like this Website. Please contact us for references.

We have built solutions using freely redistributable software, and have built systems around open standards and inexpensive hardware wherever possible. We have often built solutions using Linux, a freely redistributed Unix-like operating system. Linux is estimated to have over five million installations worldwide, and is perhaps the highest in popularity in server operating systems on the Internet. Most of our Intranets are built using the Apache Web server, which is a freely redistributable piece of software. It also happens to be the most popular Web server on the Internet, used by leading corporate houses, ISPs and others worldwide. It is used by the world's largest Web hosting service, with more than 100,000 Websites.

The name of Starcom Software Pvt Ltd has been changed to Merce Technologies Pvt Ltd, through the Ministry of Companies, Government of India, vide notification dated 22 Nov 2007. This Website is now defunct and maintained purely for placeholder reasons. The new company Website is

In the last few years, the company has grown and changed dramatically. But our core values and culture, our Board of Directors and top management have remained the same.


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