Our requirements for Technical Specialists (TS)

These positions are for techies, who have the ability to teach themselves about new systems, and whose fundamental understanding about computer systems is very sound. The position involves primarily software development duties, including systems programming, but at a level which is beyond the technical competence of the average business application programmer.

Technical Specialists are not assigned to simple business application development projects. You will either be put in our Products group where you will be working in various programming languages at various times, or in core module development which will be used as infrastructure for large production application systems. You will be expected to be flexible in choice of programming languages and will be expected to pick up new programming languages as needed, based on your strong fundamentals in programming language behaviour and implementation. Almost all your work will be on Linux and Unix systems.

We are a techie company. All the desktop computers in our office run Linux, and we use LaTeX, not Microsoft Word, for official document creation. We use XFig to create corporate Form 16s and share certificates. We send out business correspondence by writing Perlscripts to perform mailmerge functions. It is very unusual to find a company like ours in the Indian software industry. We invite you to join us as a Technical Specialist only if you value this work environment and culture, and the opportunity for technical growth that you will get here.

We do not demand work experience for this position. What we require are:

  1. A B.Sc. degree in Physics or Mathematics, or an engineering or MCA degree from a recognized university or institute
  2. Excellent, not merely good, knowledge of C
  3. Deep familiarity with programming languages and data structures. You have to be a good programmer.
  4. In-depth knowledge of Unix, including system calls, kernel internals, and shellscripting. You must have read and understood Bach and Stevens, and preferably Leffler-McKusick.
  5. Knowledge of networking protocols, IP routing, firewalls and security. You must have read and understood Comer, and preferably Cheswick and Bellovin.

Additional desirable attributes:

Our recruitment process for TS involves two tests followed by an interview. More details about our tests are given below.

For Technical Specialists, the gross remuneration package will be between Rs.350,000 and Rs.900,000 per annum, depending on individual experience profiles and competence.

The selection process

All applicants will have to go through two written tests, each of which will last 60 minutes. You are encouraged to take both tests on the same day, with a gap of a few minutes, to save travel overheads for you and management overheads for us.

One test will be a C programming test, which will contain ten multiple-choice questions. The other will test your knowledge of Unix, basic operating systems concepts, and TCP/IP networking. This will have thirty multiple-choice questions. You will have to perform well in both tests.

If you perform well in the tests, you will be asked to appear for an interview, lasting 30-60 minutes. If selected by the interview panel, you will be offered a position with us.

You must apply online for a time slot for your test. When you do so, you will receive an automatic system-generated response by email, confirming your time slot. This email should reach your mailbox within 30 minutes of your applying online, if you have typed in your correct email address.

Please note that there is a big difference between applying online for a test and taking a test online. We have no mechanism to let you take any of our tests online, nor is such a facility planned in the foreseeable future. Please do not keep writing emails to us asking how you can take the test online. You cannot.

Unless otherwise specified, you will have to come to our office to take the test(s). We are not conducting any tests anywhere other than in our office in Bombay. Note down the address given below: that will be the address where the test will be conducted. Please do not keep writing emails to us asking us the venue of the test. We do not have any plans of conducting these tests in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or any other city. If we do, this Website will carry details.

You can also call our office and fix a time slot for your test, in case you have exhausted all means to apply online and have still not succeeded. Call (Bombay)3298 2705, 3298 2706 or 2757 9406, and ask for Pushpa Singh, our recruitment coordinator. The information you will have to specify when you ask for a slot include:

The test will be conducted at our office at

Vindhya Commercial Premises
Office No. 711
Plot 1, Sector 11
Near UTI Building
CBD Belapur East
Navi Mumbai

Vindhya Commercial Premises is located within five minutes walking distance from the CBD Belapur railway station, near Centre Point Restaurant, and in the same row of buildings as the UTI Bank. Both of these are well known landmarks in the area.

Please do not send us your resume till we ask for it. We do not look at resumes or keep them in our files unless you successfully qualify in our test. Bring a printed copy of your resume with you when you come for our interview.

Please do not ask our recruitment coordinator any questions about the tests and what they will contain. She is not qualified or equipped to answer any such questions.

We will notify all qualifying candidates of their test results by email within a maximum of 3 working days after they take the test. We will call shortlisted candidates for an interview to our office in Belapur. This interview will last between 30 and 60 minutes. Selected candidates will be issued an Offer of Employment immediately.

Some statistics so far

The TS test, which tests your knowledge of Unix, TCP/IP networking, and systems concepts, has a set of 30 questions. A correct answer to a question gets you +1, and an incorrect answer gets -0.5. Therefore, the highest possible score on the TS test is +30, and the lowest is -15.

From 1 July to 30 Sep 2005, 36 people have taken this test. The highest score so far has been +6.5. Ten candidates have scored +1 or more. Four have scored +0.5. Two have scored zero. And the remaining twenty have scored less than zero, the lowest of which is -8.5 (i.e. negative eight point five).

There is absolutely no possibility of us calling any candidate for an interview if he scores less than 50%, i.e. less than 15, in this test. We continue to look for talented young Technical Specialists.

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