Our requirements in Java programming

Java Developers (JD)

We are looking for Java programmers for implementation roles, with zero or more years of industry experience. Mandatory requirements are:

  1. A B.Sc. degree in Physics or Mathematics, or an engineering or MCA degree from a recognized university or institute
  2. Excellent, not merely good, knowledge of Java

Additional desirable attributes:

Some of you with more than a year of experience and depth of technical knowledge may be accepted directly as Senior Programmers or may be promoted to this position in less than a year. Exceptionally knowledgeable and competent engineers with a pure hands-on emphasis, of the Wizard and Guru levels, are also welcome. We have a non-managerial, purely technical career growth path for such engineers.

Our recruitment process for engineers involves a programming test followed by an interview. More details about our programming tests are given below.

For Java Developers, the gross remuneration package will depend on your ability to learn, attitude, technical competence, and depth of knowledge. The total compensation package can reach up to Rs.350,000 per annum for outstanding candidates.

Senior Java Developers (SJD)

We are looking for Java professionals with mature technical knowledge and team leadership abilities. We expect depth of technical expertise coupled with strong leadership and mentoring traits. We believe good leaders are born, not made, and leadership is more a function of personality than of technical knowledge. We are interested in engineers who aspire to management career profiles, and have two years or more experience in the software and IT services industry.

Desirable attributes in a GL:

If you fit this profile, then we are interested in talking to you. We expect all SJD with three years or less experience to take our test as part of our recruitment process.

In our structure, a SJD is junior to a Group Leader (GL) or Project Manager (PM). An SJD is expected to undertake hands-on development responsibilities as well as guide his or her junior colleagues towards delivery of their project, while a GL or PM has additional responsibilities of client interaction, client reporting, scope and specifications management, and other issues.

For SJDs, the gross remuneration package will depend on your ability to learn, attitude, technical competence, and depth of knowledge. The total compensation package can reach up to Rs.600,000 per annum for outstanding candidates.

The selection process

All applicants will have to go through a programming test, which will last 60 minutes. If you qualify in this test, you will be asked to appear for an interview, lasting 30-60 minutes. If selected by the interview panel, you will be offered a position with us.

We have two tests for the JD and SJD positions, in C and Java. You will have to choose which one you want to take. You will be given only the question paper for the one you opt for, and you will not be permitted to change your choice at the last minute. The test will have a set of multiple-choice questions, and will last one hour. We will treat candidates of both tests absolutely equally. If you do not perform well in one test, you will not be permitted to take the test in the other language later.

You must apply online for a time slot for your test. When you do so, you will receive an automatic system-generated response by email, confirming your time slot. This email should reach your mailbox within 30 minutes of your applying online, if you have typed in your correct email address.

Please note that there is a big difference between applying online for a test and taking a test online. We have no mechanism to let you take any of our tests online, nor is such a facility planned in the foreseeable future. Please do not keep writing emails to us asking how you can take the test online. You cannot.

Unless otherwise specified, you will have to come to our office to take the test(s). We are not conducting any tests anywhere other than in our office in Bombay. Note down the address given below: that will be the address where the test will be conducted. Please do not keep writing emails to us asking us the venue of the test. We do not have any plans of conducting these tests in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad or any other city. If we do, this Website will carry details.

You can also call our office and fix a time slot for your test, in case you have exhausted all means to apply online and have still not succeeded. Call (Bombay)3298 2705, 3298 2706 or 2757 9406, and ask for Pushpa Singh, our recruitment coordinator. The information you will have to specify when you ask for a slot include:

The test will be conducted at our office at

Vindhya Commercial Premises
Office No. 711
Plot 1, Sector 11
Near UTI Building
CBD Belapur East
Navi Mumbai

Vindhya Commercial Premises is located within five minutes walking distance from the CBD Belapur railway station, near Centre Point Restaurant, and in the same row of buildings as the UTI Bank. Both of these are well known landmarks in the area.

Please do not send us your resume till we ask for it. We do not look at resumes or keep them in our files unless you successfully qualify in our test. Bring a printed copy of your resume with you when you come for our interview.

Please do not ask our recruitment coordinator any questions about the tests and what they will contain. She is not qualified or equipped to answer any such questions.

We will notify all qualifying candidates of their test results by email within a maximum of 3 working days after they take the test. We will call shortlisted candidates for an interview to our office in Belapur. This interview will last between 30 and 60 minutes. Selected candidates will be issued an Offer of Employment immediately.

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